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June  2016
Betty (Voegtle) Larson
5008 SE 107th Place
Belleview, Fl. 34420
352 307-3508
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Kent Sperring
Sorry a little late this month on saying HELLO......

Talked with Cathy (Carole Sturdivant's daughter) she said that Carole was so delighted with all the Birthday
Cards....she wanted me to thank everyone for remembering her Mother .....

Next Class luncheon will be July 30th. last Saturday of the month....at the Elk's Club....$12.00 to now be paid by
check to me before the event....we have to guarantee our attendance because its not fair to the Elk's Club to fix food
and not have a good number not show....make check to me and I'll give you my address......this luncheon will be a
Fish Fry and Shrimp....so it should be really good....
Mark your calendars now for JULY 30TH.....

Betty Larson
5008 SE 107th Place
Belleview, 34420
352 307 3508

Happy June Birthdays To:

7  Elinor Rose
8  Martha Hatch
12  Mary Wilson
19  Jimmy Weaver
19  Charlotte Hatch
20  Cecelia Grant
21  Joyce Ann Johns
21  Larry Sliva
23  Martha Meyers
23  Roy Goodman
24  Gordon Smith
24  Ramona McLeod
29  Barbara Scott
30  May Fair Murrell

Happy Anniversary to:

Peggy Curry Leonard / Paul  1966
Wayne Ecton / Martha  1966
Tom Hasslinger / Dempsey 1962
Linwood Kennedy / Mary Elizabeth  1957
June Link Wettstein/ Otto  1958
Clara Nell Long Quincey 1964
Frank Lusher / Shirley  1957
Jim McLucas / Fran  1979
Anne Selph MacKay / Buddy  1959
George Shealy / Betty  1965
Tommy Tillman / Ginger  1961
Jim Weaver / Dottie  1962
Jim Davis / Michele 1977
These two photos, from the files of Marion Mann, show the preparations under way to expand
the north and south ends of Ocala High School (now Osceola Middle School). This building
replaced the second Ocala High School building (now Eighth Street Elementary School)
located nearby. Based on information found in Ocaleeans, the construction started in 1950
and was completed before or during the 1951 school year.
When these two photos were taken, the north and south arcades had been removed to make
way for the expansion of the original building that opened in 1925. The photo on the left
shows the south end of the building, and the photo on the right shows the north end of the