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July  2016
Well that's it guy's...KEEP IN TOUCH.......

Betty (Voegtle) Larson
5008 SE 107th Place
Belleview, Fl. 34420
352 307-3508
The image on the left, from a 1920s Ocala City Council and Marion County Chamber of Commerce publication
shows Eaton’s Beach on the south shore of Lake Weir.  The white sand beach property was purchased in 1924 by Jay
Eaton a New Jersey resident.  He planned to turn the property into a summer getaway spot for families.  Eaton built
a 30 foot boardwalk over the water to a dive tower, water slide and boat house.  The image shows the attraction
shortly after the construction was completed.

The image on the right from a postcard shows Eaton’s Beach as it appeared in the 1950s.
The graphics and text below are
supplied by Kent Sperring
Hi everyone....hope you are well and having fun.....

 Reminder that we have a class luncheon coming up Saturday July 30 at the Elk's Club......need to know if you plan to
attend and your $12.00 check .....mailed to me no later than July 25......plan to have a good lunch Fish and
Shrimp.....looking forward to seeing everyone.....

Betty Larson
5008 S E 107th Place
Belleview  34420
352 307 3508

 Welcome To The Technology Of The 21st. Century !

Our Phone - Wireless
Cooking - Fireless
Cars - Keyless
Food - Fatless
Tires - Tubeless
Dress - Sleeveless
Youth - Jobless
Leaders - Shameless
Relationships - Meaningless
Attitude - Careless
Wives - Fearless
Babies - Fatherless
Feelings - Heartless
Education - Valueless
Children -     Mannerless
Our Congress is - Clueless
And this leaves me - Speechless

Happy July Birthday's:

3  Pete Odom
6  Patty Fulford
12  Patsy Milner
12  Hollis Hancock
14  Frank Lusher
18  John Stern
22  Bill Long
23  Bobby Winfield
27  Jack Jackson
27  Ned Lovell
27  Frank Tuck

Happy July Anniversaries:

Jan Beeks Sutton / O'Neal  1957
Anita Burnett Anderson / Robert  1970
Jack Jackson / Nellie  1964
Johnnie Moore / Susan  1961
James Wood / Mary Ann  1959
Cecil Lewis / Mary Frances  1959

 Hoping to see a lot of you at our July 30 Luncheon......take care....keep in touch.....betty  <^..^>