From  the  desk  of  Don  Meyers
October 2009 . . .
N e w s l e t t e r
YA’LL COME !...NEXT ‘55 CLASS LUNCHEON  SATURDAY OCTOBER 24 - at the Elk’s Club Ocala.  We eat at
noon.  But come early and stay late.  Contact Betty about who’s coming with you, as she must turn in head
count.  Lunch is $11 a person, pay at the door.  or 352/307-3508.

REUNION HOTEL ALERT  !!!!   -   BE ADVISED ....!!!!  June is a busy hotel month, with all the weddings,
vacations, graduations.  We have reserved a block of rooms at the Holiday Inn  for our reunion guest travellers,  
but, don’t wait to make your hotel  reservations or to send in your reunion pre-registration.  If you are uncertain
about coming...reserve your hotel rooms anyway, NOW !  Cancel later if necessary.   EARLY reunion
registrations are requested also so we can prepare adequately for a large crowd.  Send in the form on the other
side of this.... or, if you misplace it, you can find it on the ohs55 website - reunion page.   Download and mail it

MORE REUNION CONVERSATION STARTERS....  My OHS classmate snitches have been really active and gave
me some more interesting tales of what’s going on with members of our esteemed Class of 1955.  At our 55/55
Class Reunion you can use these as conversation starters.

Don Collins was named “Realtor of the Year” by the Downtown Professional Women’s Club.  When asked by an
Ocala Star Banner reporter of what main attributes got Collins the prestigious award, the president of the Club
said, “he has the cutest behind.”

Anne (Selph) McKay and Thornton Atkinson, both great amateur horticulturists, have successfully cross-bred an
orange and blue rose.  They have named it “The Tebow Rose.”

Heard that avid travel and adventurer Pat (Newhouse) Bishop was on a tour bus and her fellow travellers were
oooohing and aaaahing over the spectacular Grand Canyon scenery.  A lady sitting next to Pat asked her what
she thought of the georgeous view.  Pat answered, “Oh, it’s not what I thought it would  be like.”  The lady asked,
“What were you expectiing?”  “Well,”  Pat said,  “I booked this tour for Bermuda.”

World travellers Jackie and Del Williams recently returned from a trip to Holland.  While there, they visited the
famous dikes which hold back the North Sea from turning Holland into a mud puddle.  With  other tourists, Jackie
and Del were on the ramp of a huge dike and spotted a distraught young boy who had his finger caught in a
hole.  Del said, “Jackie,  we’ve got to help this poor kid out.”  Jackie turned to Del, caught her hand and said,
“Let’s get the hell out of here.   I know how this story turns out.”

Learned that Les Sharpe’s wife, Brenda, thought since he’s retired now that maybe it was time to “freshen” up his
appearance.  Les thought so too.  Les went to the Paddock Park Mall and did some browsing and buying.  After
a purchase at one store Les thought he ought to put on the item and surprise Brenda.  Walking out the mall he
walked by a group of teenagers.  “Nice earrings dude”, one teen remarked to Les.

SIGNS ... I get a kick out of driving around and looking at businesses and the signs that owners put up to attract
customers.  So the other day in Ocala I bought an R C Cola and motored out.  Check out these signs, ‘55
  A thrift store - SACKES THRIFT AVE, owned by MayFair (Murrel) Taylor
  A pool hall - RHYTHM and CUES, owned by Les Sharpe
  A bait shop - HAPPY HOOKER BAIT and TACKLE, owned by Richard Carpenter
  A consignment store - TWO TIMERS CONSIGNMENT SHOP, owner Samelia (Cooper) King
  A laundromat - SOAP OPERA LAUNDROMAT, owned by June (Link) Wettstein
And, lastly......A church marquee sign -
              MEET  ME AT MY HOUSE BEFORE THE GAME.       -  GOD