From  the  desk  of  Don  Meyers
July 2009 . . .
N e w s l e t t e r
NEXT ‘55 CLASS LUNCHEON JULY 25 - at the Elk’s Club in Ocala.  We eat at noon.  Be sure to let Betty know
you’re coming so she can make reservations.  Lunch is $11 per person, pay at the door.   
        or          352/307-3508.                BE THERE !!

55th REUNION .... TIPS .... ON CONVERSATION STARTERS -   You ‘55 guys know our Class of ‘55/ 55th
Reunion is less than a year from now.  So, '55 peoples,  here’s a primer  on starting a conversation and getting
off on the left foot.  If you’re conversationally challenged like me, listen up.  Once I ask a classmate,  “How ya’
doin?” and “How ‘bout them Gators !” .... that’s usually all I can think of (unless the classmate launches off on
his/her own life story). get started, here are some things your ‘55 classmates have been doing so you
can use as a conversation starter.  Where do I get this info since I live in Orlando ? say.  Well, I go to my
most reliable classmate snitches in Ocala naturally.  They will remain anonymous.  Here are a few classmates
and what they’ve been up to......

-  CBS is planning a “Dancing With the HasBeens Show” and has contacted Joe Taylor to be a contestant.  Joe
has reportedly declined to participate when he learned his partner Bunny would wear crinolines.

-  Carl Poole was presented the best contemporaneous speaker award at the Downtown Toastmasters Club of
Ocala.  His subject was “How I Conquered Shyness after only 50 years.”

-  A Taliban terrorist group in Kabul surrendered to U.S. troops after  learning that Vietnam War vets Jack
NeSmith and Hollis Hancock were called back to active duty and would be deployed to Afghanistan immediately.

-  Johnnie Moore, who retired from the University of South Carolina Athletic Department, has accepted the
prestigious job of raising alumni funds to place a statue of USC Coach Steve Spurrier outside Williams-Brice
Stadium in Columbia, S.C.

-  Roy Sheppard went on a fishing trip  off Crystal River and immediately returned to the marina where he
complained his boat was running sluggishly.  After an underwater inspection, a marina mechanic found the
trouble was the boat trailer was still attached to the boat.

-  In an Ocala Star Banner article it was reported that lifetime Ocala resident Leonard Griggs was made chairman
of the Ocala Hwy 200 Bypass Commission.  At their first meeting, Chairman Griggs entertained a motion to
incorporate all of Hwy 200 west of I-75 into The Villages city limits.  Motion was seconded, passed and the Hwy
200 Bypass Commission dissolved.

-  Pete Odom is planning to come out of retirement, return to Ocala and open an exact replica of the famous teen
hangout in the fifties, “The Chicken Ranch.”  Pete will  offer a senior special discount on a cherry coke and
french fries  to anyone who attended OHS.  

 and,  finally, “real news ??” about one of our lady classmates.

-  Betty (Voegtle) Larson,  President of the Belleview Historical Preservation  Society, has recently submitted a
request to Washington to list Gator Joe’s (formerly Johnson’s Beach on Lake Weir) on the list of National
Historical Juke Joints.

55/55th REUNION THOUGHTS  -   For a glimpse of all the great fun we have at our class reunions, all you guys
have to do is visit the OHS ‘55 website, then click on 2005 Reunion.   More than 85 classmates, plus spouses
and friends attended the BIG Five-Oh Reunion.  At least 15 classmates who had registered could not make it to
the BIG Five-Oh Reunion for one unforeseen reason or other.  However, several of these have said they won’t
miss this one.  GOOD CHOICE,  because ....

   Our OHS ‘55/55th Reunion, June 5 & 6,  will be held at the luxurious new Holiday Inn just west of I-75.   There
we will be in air conditioned comfort to beat the Florida June heat and humidity, and avoid the unpredictable
tropical showers.  Rooms are gorgeous and comfortable and welcoming for you out-of-town  folks.  We have
reserved a block of rooms with discounted rates for the OHS ‘55 Reunion travellers.

   The Saturday evening “Graduation Nite l955 “ dinner will be casual of course.  Any guy caught wearing a tie
will be run over by Frank Tuck in his classic l955 Thunderbird.

   In the banquet room is a Jumbotron screen on the wall that will continually run a montage of photos of our
Class of l955 memories.  This is a meticulous product of classmate Jimmy Weaver and his son Steve.    You will
hear Fifties music in the background to put us all in the mood to Rock and Roll once more.

    If you missed classmate Elmo Shropshire’s (“Dr. Elmo”) knockout performance at the 50th reunion BBQ at
Gator Joe’s place,  he’ll treat us again to some of his favorite recordings ‘live’ at the “Graduation Nite l955”
dinner.  Elmo always enjoys and looks forward to our OHS get togethers.

    There will be a  Reunion Hospitality Room on the ground level near the banquet room.  Everyone should plan
to come by to sign in and pick up your reunion name tag and meal tickets for the banquet and breakfast.  You
can pick these up earlier in the day, or on your way to the Saturday evening  dinner event. You’ll find a lot of
OHS and  Ocala Fifties memorabilia that was at the 2005 reunion.  Come by  anytime during the day  .....for
some refreshments,  to just hang out and visit, and  browse through the school albums, pictures and scrap books
and memorabilia classmates  bring for display.   The atmosphere of ‘old’ ‘55 classmates meeting and greeting
each other will be fun again.

    Classmate Kent Sperring has created a  “Book of Favorite Places in Ocala in The Fifties.”  Each ‘55
classmate attending the reunion will  receive a copy when you sign in and pick up your meal tickets.

   Parked at the hotel entrance you will see Frank Tuck’s  1955 of the ‘photo op’ moments of
the week-end.   So don’t forget your cameras.  Also, bring your albums, scrapbooks, snapshots, memorabilia to
share in the Hospitality Room.   We’ll see if Fred Blosch can still fit into his OHS letter sweater one more time.??

   The “Farewell Til We Meet Again...” Sunday Breakfast will be in the same impromptu style classmates enjoyed
in 2005, sharing our goodbyes and thoughts and memories.  We’ll take these away with us until the next time.



Oh yeah.... forgot to tell you guys , if you misplace your Registration Form, you can find it and other reunion
information on our OHS Class of l955 website
Register early and help the planners with early costs and attendance.