From  the  desk  of  Don  Meyers
January 2009 . . .
N e w s l e t t e r
I’M BA-A-A-A-A-ACK - Well, at least for January and perhaps a few more times up to our ‘55/55
REUNION, June 5 & 6, 2010 at the Holiday Inn. More details will be mailed to all ‘55 classmates. A
major purpose of this newsletter is to verify existing mailing addresses and get new addresses
(hopefully) of those who have moved since the last mailing. If this was forwarded to you, please let
Betty or I know your current address, also about new or changed Email addresses too. Our crystal
balls are not infallible.

NEXT ‘55 CLASS LUNCHEON JANUARY 31 - at the Elk’s Club Ocala. We eat at noon. But come
early and stay late. Be sure to let Betty know you’re coming because she must make reservations
for us all. Lunch is $11 a person, pay at the door. or 352/307-3508 .
SENIOR CLASS TRIP CLARIFICATION - Those with Emails know the great time we all had at the
October luncheon. Betty asked ‘55 classguys to tell their greatest memories about places and things
in 1955. Several classmates talked abut the Senior Class Trip to Tallahassee. However, I must
bring up ‘ the complete fabrications ‘ which Frank Lusher told abut the shenanigans of several ‘55
guys on the trip, and especially this writer. Frank has now offered a retraction I’m told, so we
“innocents” will let bygones be bygones. FOR NOW....

NEW LUNCHEON RAFFLE STARTED - We decided to make the luncheon a little more fun and
introduced a raffle. $500 from leftover funds from the 50th Reunion was used for the raffle. All ‘55
classmates were included in the drawing. A classmate had to be present at the luncheon to win.
Three names were pulled out of a bowl and lordy, lordy, none were present to collect. Sorry about
that. You can Email me and I’ll tell you the names. Be there at the January 31 luncheon for the next

NOT ALL “FUN AND GAMES’ IN 1955 - It was really interesting to hear all the slap happy fun tales
of 1955 memories at the last luncheon, but I could not help but mention one that was especially
poignant to me. While most of us personified the fifties ‘happy days’ in Ocala, not all classmates had
that opportunity. For instance, classmate Buddy Liles wistfully told the group about how he practiced
varsity football after school and then went to work at the Armour Meat Plant until 2 am. This got me
thinking about all those other classmates who went to school and worked too. Plus, loved Ocala and
OHS. I applaud all of you for what you did to get thru high school and the outstanding people you are

THE PITFALLS OF EMAIL FORWARDS - We’ve all received them. Sometimes by the dozens, and
repeatedly. And, they are often hilarious, informative, nostalgic, patriotic, religious, etc. The
downside is that there are expert cyberspace con artists who HARVEST and utilize the best of the
best of these emotional and enticing emails. and use them to accumulate our email addresses for
spam and junk promo. We don’t intentionally divulge our friends email addresses to the
unscrupulous, but we contribute to the problem when we click ‘Forward’ and send the emails to our

As a courtesy to your friends, please use the ‘CUT & PASTE’ system to email just the content of
these cute things. If you send it to several people or to your whole address book, then send the email
to them ‘blind copy’ so the email addresses will not be disclosed to all your recipients. Especially
beware of those that insist you ‘also send the email back to them’. That’s a dead give-away.

DID I REALLY HEAR THAT RIGHT ? The other night I was in my usual horizontal position on the
sofa watchng the local news. Can’t remember what Orlando channel, but I swore I heard that Ocala
was goiing to build a Hwy 200 bypass. Bypass? To where ? A Hwy 200 beltway around Hwy 200 ?
I guess it’s needed because the last time I was going West past I-75 on Hwy 200, I could not believe
the traffic. Believe me, classguys, the traffic was worse than 5:00 pm traffic on I-4 in downtown
Orlando. While your at it Ocalans, how bout a 17th Street bypass too. And, oh yeah, at the next ‘55
luncheon please don’t ask me again.... “how can you stand all that traffic in Orlando. ? ”

don’t use the computer and some of you may have missed this in Betty’s Dec. 7 “WeCare ‘55” email.
So, it bears another mention. Nina helps out with Operation Shoe Box for servicemen and women in
Iraq. Nina asked Elmo if he would donate some of his CD’s to the troops in Iraq. Elmo donated ‘tons
of them’ according to Betty. As she said, “makes one proud to be a classmate of Elmo... and Nina for
this patriotic gesture”.

STILL CARRYING ON OCALA CHRISTMAS “TRADITIONS” - I certainly hope all of you and your
families had a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I remember on Christmas Eve Mike Finn
inviting me along with him as we rode around Ocala in his pickup delivering Christmas “cheer” and
food to Mike’s dad’s building sub contractors. These deliveries made a lot of people happy too. I
think Mike and I did this two Christmases. My mom, too, would give Christmas gifts, usually cartons
of cigarettes, to the postman, garbagemen, and milkman. I still do this during Christmas week even
now by delivering certain gifts to my auto mechanic, barber, bookshop vendor, condo maintenance
crew, and doctors office staff. Christmas in Ocala still always reminds me of the stores around the
Square, and the Courthouse Christmas decorations. Plus, the annual Panhellenic Dance at the
Ocala Municipal Auditorium. These memories are ingrained in me and the Christmas Holidays in
Ocala were always special.

REAL CLASSMATES NEWS - Here’s some news about a few classmates that I heard about over
the holidays. I can’t say for sure all of it is true, but I thought you ‘55 classpersons would be
interested. Read on.....

1) The Playboy Club in Chicago revoked Elmo Shropshire’s Frequent User Reward Card. No other
info on this, however, but I can guess.

2) Jack Williams was seen in Victoria’s Secret at the Lake Square Mall, but said he was turned
around and was sure he was in Barnes and Nobel.

3) Mike Finn has requested one million dollars from the Federal Troubled Asset Relief Program to
start a water ski school on Lake Weir to jump start the Marion County economy.

4) Bob and MaryAnn Mooney were seen jogging on St. Augustine Beach in matching TimTebow
Superman shirts.

5) Les Sharpe reportedly has been demonstrating in front of the old City of Ocala Municipal
Auditorium with a sign reading “City Council Members Are All Yankees.

6) Jimmy Weaver ranked in the top ten of most prolific humorous email forwards to

It’s funny, but I didn’t hear anything about ‘55 lady classmates. Nothing that I can put in this “PG”
rated newsletter anyway.

YOUR EDITOR’S DISCLAIMER - Since not all OHS classmates who receive the newsletter are
familiar with the editors version of humor - be advised that

1) Frank Lusher didn’t really FABRICATE the luncheon version of the Senior Trip to Tallahassee, but
he did make some ‘senior trip’ classmates SQUIRM - your editor included. “Thanks a lot, Frank. I
OWE YOU !! “

2) No...we didn’t really squander the Class Reunion treasury by raffling off $500. But, hey, it got
your attention didn’t it.

3) Real Classmate News ... who knows ?