From  the  desk  of  Don  Meyers
Our October Luncheon was comprised of a raucous crowd of 43 classmates, spouses,
relatives and guests.  Pat Gurr (OHS’57) was introduced as our new webmaster.  Pat
was accompanied by wife Ginger ( OHS’61).  Classmates Pat (McGrath) Erdman and
Jim Colson attended their first ’55 luncheon.  Both Pat and Jim told the group about
themselves, family and lives.

Real WildCatTales were unearthed as Jim Colson’s conscience got the better of him
after all these years and he fessed up to being the one who exploded the cherry bomb in
the girls’ gym plus putting a dead skunk behind some hallway lockers.  Jim paid the
price by being chased around “Jolly Ollie’s”  office and losing his position on the
Student Council.   Jim transferred his senior year to Brooksville too.
    Pete Odom described his orange fight escapades plus answered this writer’s query
on how palm trees were set on fire.

More On the OHS Key Club was received in a note from class guy Johnny Moore where
he relates that the Key Club also had the concession stand at OHS basketball games
and Coach Daugherty was the Key Club sponsor.  Johnny says the Key Club had both
concessions in the girls’ gym and at basketball games until The Wheel Club came into
existence.  Coach Daugherty changed the concession arrangements.  If Johnny’s
memory serves him correctly, the Key Club gave Kat’s Korner about $2,000 to get
started.  “Good old days” says Johnny.

The Momentous Fifties – Boy, did I take a lot of flak from classmates on what I wrote
about what you were doing in the backseat at the SkyLark Drive-In.  Classmates made
it clear to me that they did this backseat ”stuff” at the OCALA DRIVE-IN.  Geeez !  
Sorry about that kids.  Other feedback included a couple of classmates that did not
know what a “momentous” was.  Anyway, despite all you cranky classmates out there
I will again outline some events you might have missed in The “Fifties.”   Here goes……

In 1955 we had TV remote control.  For a while anyway.  So there……   We were
“techies” and didn’t even know it.  Actually, Zenith introduced the “Flashmatic”.  It
was a hand-held device that was to be aimed at the corners of the TV screen where four
light cells were located.  One could change the channel, turn the TV on or off, and
control the volume.  But just like real life, there were hitches.  Sunlight streaming
through a window would interfere, causing the TV to turn on or off, or change
channels..  Hey, that’s exactly what I do now with my remote.
And in 1958, the number one song was Sheb Wooley’s masterpiece:  “Purple People
Eater.”  They just don’t make ‘em like that anymore, do they ?

They Love To Garden – Buddy and Anne MacKay were featured in The Ocala Style
Home and Garden Fall 2006 magazine.  Both have a passion for gardening.  Of
course Buddy’s family was into citrus.  Anne’s specialty is a hybrid form of daylilies
which was developed by her mother.  The daylilies hug the stairway leading to the
lakeside porch.  Any classmate who attended the buffet supper at Buddy and Anne’s
as part of our Fiftieth Reunion celebration saw these as well as noticed the annuals,
perennials, and shrubs surrounding their Lake Weir home.  Anne jokes that husband
Buddy has never met a plant he didn’t want to move at least three times, referring
that gardening has proven to be a good form of therapy for someone involved in politics.

What’s In Your Oven ? -  Well, I found out right quick when Evelyn (Polk) Britt
actually brought me a sample of her TollHouse Chocolate Chip Brownies to the
luncheon.  Won’t write down the recipe as it is on the Nestle package you can get at
most stores.  Was it terrific ?  Yes, it was !  Did it bring back memories ?  Yes, it did.  
TollHouse cookies were always my mom’s special treat for me and I always looked
forward to the smell in the kitchen as they baked.  Evelyn makes hers in the “Pan
Cookie Variation” which cooks them brownie bar style.  Outstanding, Evelyn !

Comments Your Parents Made in 1955 – Received from Delores (Alvarez) Allison.
1. I’ll tell you one thing, if things keep going the way they are, it’s going to be
impossible to buy a week’s groceries for $20.
2. “Have you seen the new cars coming out in l956?  It won’t be long before $2000 will
buy a used one. “
3.  “Did you hear the post office is thinking about charging a dime just to mail a

Dear Classmates……  This issue of “Stay’n In Touch” will end the quarterly ’55
newsletter run which started in May of 2002.  The newsletter was begun to get our
Class of l955 organized for our Fiftieth Reunion in 2005.  But you’ll still get your ’55
OHS email news from Betty (Voegtle) Larson’s excellent “WeCare ’55 News.  Plus, our ’
55 website will be there for you too.  At the beginning of each year we will both snail
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mailing and email addresses on the Master List.   So now is that opportunity for you  
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It’s Been A Real ’55 Blast  writing the newsletter these past four years.  Thanks to all
my classmates who contributed stories and information about OHS, Ocala, and
themselves.  A lot of my stuff was done tongue-in-cheek and I poked fun at some
classmates.  Naturally, the newsletter could never have been done without all the help of
Martha (Honorary OHS Class of l955)  The real deal I got out of it is that we have to
hang in there together as a ’55 OHS WildCat family.
January  2007 . . .
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