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All the stars were lined up right for this one, '55 guys. I'm writing this one day after our reunion and we are still wired
and flying high. A huge, huge success which certainly exceeded our expectations. A total of 80 classmates... plus 67
spouses and friends for a grand total of 147 attended the reunion. We heard from 12 other classmates who
registered to attend but could not because of new circumstances. I guess you can say there's good news and bad
news too. The bad news is that the reunion had to come to an end, but the good news is...I downright KNOW
everyone had a terrific fun time. The weather was FLORIDA SPRING SPECTACULAR despite a rain front which held
off until late Friday evening. I cannot believe I laughed (and cried) so much over classmates seeing each other and
reconnecting after fifty years. Never have I seen so many happy, smiling faces together anywhere. Are we fifty-year
"survivors" or what ? As one classmate told me, " I'm really proud of all these classmates for making it to this
milestone event."
Your help was the reason every event went off great. You know who you are. I will not list your names but I hope we
got around to tell you what unsung heroes you are. Besides time, physical help and even prayers, the Class of '55
raised the bar to a new level on how a real class reunion happens and is pulled off. OHS classmates from other
graduation years who attended echoed this. Many classmates donated their own money for various events, pictures,
services, entertainment, flowers, food, art, gifts, and more. And the dessert tables at both the Friday "Picnic" and
Saturday BarBQ were loaded with mouth watering "goodies".

Classmate Junior Gayle, who has managed country clubs for 30 years and works in the hospitality industry, gave you
all the supreme compliment by stating he has never in his professional career attended such a well run and fun event.
Keep in mind the Class '55 quarterly luncheons in Ocala. Come enjoy lunch and refresh those memories again and
again with your classmates. A REMINDER of luncheon dates, time, and location will be emailed to you in Betty's We
Care '55 two or three weeks before each luncheon, and dates are also posted on the  website's  Calendar & Events
March 31 thru April 3